Sponsorship offer at Dollscar 2019

We are offering 20 sponsorship packages. This means we’re ready to conclude a contract with twenty different companies or individuals.

We’re offering to donate prizes for contests’ winners at Dollscar.

What we are expecting from you:

- Only doll related prizes.
- The total cost of the items or certificates you provide is at least 7000₽ или $100.
- If you are a very serious sponsor and provide us with very big prizes, we have special conditions for you! Look for the details below.
- All prizes are approved in advance by the organizers.
- The prizes are announced in advance to the public.

What we'll do for you:

- Your banner-button on all pages of BJDClub.ru (~ 3 million displays per month). Showed from March 16 to July 16 (1 month after Dollscar).
- Full information about you with all possible links:
- On the Dollscar site in the Sponsors section
- In the emphasized topic at BJDClub.ru
- We have accounts on all social networks! Everywhere we will give a link to your group/page/account and tell about you with individual posts
- Your button with a link in a large promo promotional mailing for all active users of the BJDClub.ru forum (~ 10,000), takes place 1 month before Dollscar
- 30% discount for booth fee. For Corner Triple and Wow discount, it is only 1 discount available.
- We can distribute your flyers/booklets to visitors
- We will tell about you from Dollscar's stage
- Your logo on the traditional BJD press-wall (that means many dollie photos with your logo on Instagram and other social networks)

Special conditions for very serious sponsors :)

If you provide us with very big prizes for a large amount of money, we'll definitely highlight you among other sponsors. This should be discussed individually, please make your offers ^^

- We place you at the top of all sponsors lists
- If you can not represent the stand at Dollscar, we will place your banner in the forum header for a period of 1 month (30 days) at any specified time period during 2018 (the usual price is 2000₽ or $40).
- We will more often talk about you in social networks
- Banner button on the forum will be twice larger
- It is possible to place your buttons/links/photos on the main page of our site and in the event pages in social networks
- We are ready to discuss other conditions, write me <3

Sponsor's application

Please send your offers here: dollscar@bjdclub.ru
If you have any questions or need to discuss something, please write me personally in any convenient way:
Skype: red.anchous
+79060745688 — WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram
Telegram link
Alexandra, organiser

Fill the form:

- Your title
- Your products/goods
- Some interesting information for our posts in social networks: for example, the date of foundation and how you started, creative plans, funny cases with customers, some statistics in numbers or letters.
For example:
My name is Alex, I'm making BJD-events since 2008. During this time, I organized more than 30 exhibitions and meetings. My biggest event was Dollscar-2018, it was visited by about 1500 people in one day! I hope to break this record in 2019.

- 10 beautiful photos. Something like your items separately, your dolls at the owners/dolls in your outfits and so on, your booth at any events. Non-technical, artistic pictures are welcome! Preferably, these photos should be not too often used for advertising purposes <3
- Your logo, if available. In high resolution, highly desirable in vector format - for printing. If you do not have a logo, it does not matter, our designer will make a lettering of your name or title and send it for approval.
- Banner-button, size of 100x30 px (150x80 px for very serious sponsors). If you do not have the opportunity to make a button yourself - also write us, we will help!
- All possible links to you:
- Your website
- VKontakte
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Flickr
- Twitter
- Etsy
- And any other links that you think are necessary ^^
- Please indicate which accounts are most active.

- Mandatory - your phone and/or other means of urgent communication. Not for publication.